Go With All Your Heart

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February 29, 2016
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Go With All Your Heart

Go With All Your Heart.

Last night seemed to be a record breaking of sorts in the history of National Basketball Association (NBA). Last night, basketball fans across the world and all of America celebrated Kobe Bryant’s last game and 20 years of basketball.  Last night, all of America and basketball fans world over watched Kobe Bryant go out with a bang!

As I watched, coaches, fellow players, players from other sports spoke highly of Kobe Bryant. They spoke of how he strove for excellence always and how he always went into a game with a winning mindset. As I watched, I heard of his dedication to his trade as well as his determination to be the best at all cost. They spoke of how he gave the game his all, put in the best and expected the best from everyone else because he gave his best first.

Then, there’s Stephen Curry who scored 402 three pointers in one season, breaking his own record of 286 three pointers in one season and leading his team to break the 72 win mark of 95-96 Chicago Bulls.

I enjoy a game of basketball every now and then but I am not what you would call a die-hard fan; if I can catch a game, I do; if I can’t, I don’t. However, watching Kobe Bryant’s last game and hearing what was said of him last night as well as catching some of Stephen Curry’s record breaking three-pointers taught me a lesson. I learnt a lesson from basketball and these two individuals and it is this; whatever you do, do with all your heart, or like Confucius said wherever you go, go with all your heart.

These two players demonstrate what it means to strive for excellence always and it is clear that they went into the game of basketball with all their hearts. So, to you my readers, as we say good bye to Kobe Bryant and continue to watch Steph Curry’s career in the NBA blossom, I invite you to do with all your heart whatever you do and go with all your heart wherever you go!

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